Friday, April 9, 2010

Feta, Spinach & Sundried Tomato Sliders

I really enjoy tiny burgers. I am sure they would all taste the same regular sized but they are just so cute on their little rolls so when I see a recipe for sliders I need to try them. I was unsure about this combo because I am not a huge fan of anything salty and sundried tomatoes can sometimes be too salty, add that to the feta cheese and I was concerned. But fear not, these flavors blended perfectly. Oh yeah and I also started running this week. Not a huge fan, I prefer cooking to running but I am trying. There is a great program Couch to 5K that slowly gets none-athletic people (like me) who have never run before, able to run a 5K in 9 weeks. It might take me longer then 9 weeks because as a busy mom its hard to fit it into my day since its something I want to do alone for "me" time. But I am trying. Becoming more healthy in 2010 is my goal and so far, 4 months in I think I am doing OK, but I know I can do better. How are you doing on your resolutions for 2010?

Onto the cooking......

Feta Sun-Dried Tomato Turkey Burger Sliders

adapted from The Picky Palate

2 Tablespoons extra virgin olive oil**I omitted**

1 lb ground turkey

1/2 Cup crumbled feta cheese

1/4 Cup sun-dried tomatoes, jarred in olive oil**I used none olive oiled ones***

1/2 Cup fresh baby spinach leaves, chopped

Pinch of Kosher salt, fresh cracked pepper and Lawry’s Garlic Salt with Parsley

Sun-Dried Tomato Mayonnaise

1 Cup mayonnaise**I used light**

2 Tablespoons sun-dried tomatoes

Baby hamburger buns or dinner rolls, split and warmed**Martins makes a great whole wheat slider bun**

2 Cups fresh baby spinach leaves

Heat oil into a large skillet over medium heat***I used my stove-top grill pan to cook these but you could also cook them in a skillet***.

I put the tomatoes, spinach, feta and seasonings into my mini chopper and pulsed a few times. Place turkey, feta, sun dried tomato, spinach and seasonings into a mixing bowl.

Mix until just combined.

Form 1/4 Cup little patty’s and place onto a cookie sheet**Mine were a little larger because the buns as a little larger then the original recipe**.

Once all are formed, place batches in hot skillet***or on your grill pan***.

Cook for 3-4 minutes per side or until golden brown and cooked through.

Place mayonnaise, tomatoes and some spinach into the mini chopper, mix to combine. Spread over insides of warm rolls. Layer bottom roll with spinach and the burger. Close with top roll and eat.

Makes about 10 little sliders

VERDICT: I really REALLY liked this burger. Sometimes I dont like turkey burgers because you can actually taste the turkey meat, if that makes sense. I used the 93/7 fat meat and there was zero fat coming out of them but with all the additional ingredients it kept them nice and juicy. They werent the least bit dry and I really am happy I used the grill pan to save the extra calories of pan fry cooking them. I also suggest using the sundried tomatoes that arent in the oil. You can save so many calories if you just look for some of the hidden traps. You could easily make these full sized burgers and I am sure they would be just as delicious...just not as cute as little burgers.

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  1. These look SO good! I love turkey burgers anyway so I can't wait to try these!