About Me

There are a bunch of posts devoted to the getting to know me portion of the program so you can refer to those if you want the whole story. If not, here you go....

The short version is, I am a wife since 2004, with my husband since 2000.  Mom to 2, pretty cool kids Jackson and Amelia. I started out baking when I was a kid,  but then when my husband and I moved into together in 2002, I began to experiment more and more with cooking, because well....you cant live on cookies. You can try but we tend to eat pretty healthy in this house. I try to create my own recipes but more often then not I read other blogs, and I read cookbooks like novels. I have a huge collection of them and I hardly use them. I also get a few different cooking magazines in the mail but usually I read them and then they go in big piles. I love cooking, I get really, really, excited about food. I love talking about food and nothing gets me more excited then finding a recipe that my whole family will eat and enjoy.
This blog was started because I needed a better way to organize my recipes. I had a trusty binder and plastic sleeves and finally got all my recipes put into it after 5 years of collecting them, and THEN started the blog right after. I would talk up all the amazing meals I was making and people wanted me to share them so I figured it was easier to just post it and share the link then having to attach emails and all that jazz. It also cuts down on the paper clutter in the kitchen which is an added bonus. I also like to take pictures but admittedly my pictures on the blog could use a lot of work. I am always under pressure to feed the kids and my belly is growling, I hardly have time to make sure that the light is right and the plate is clean. So I hope to work on that as time goes on. I started this for myself and I am happy to share it with whom ever stumbles across it.
I do try very hard to update often but sometimes life gets in the way and I stock pile recipes and then post them all at once. I try my best and sometimes I loose good recipes that I have pictures of but for the life of me have no idea what the heck it is. Usually after that happens I am pretty good about staying on track.

My MISSION: I see loads of blogs with incredible recipes featured and I would love to have them cook for me night after night, I get dinner envy. When I find recipes that use pantry staples I always have, can be completed very quickly, and I think most people in this house might eat it, I give it a try. I have gone through lots of phases in my cooking and I would love to focus more on creating my own recipes that are complex and challenging and I hope to have time in my life to dedicate to technique....but that time is not now. Now I make sure we are eating relatively healthy meals as a family and if that's accomplished I am a happy mom.

So thanks for reading, and I would love to hear any comments you have. I see the # of hits this page gets and I know you are reading, so don't be shy, I would love to hear what you think of some of my favorites