Sunday, June 14, 2009

Welcome to Juliann's Easy Eats

Well, I finally caved in and started my own food blog, after referencing a few different blogs to feed my family night after night. I actually think it will be a great way to keep track of what I have been cooking and I wont need to constantly look for my favorite recipes. So if you found me and are reading this Welcome! I will do my best to give you the latest and the greatest from my kitchen

Here is a little blurb about me:

I am Married to a wonderful man names Douglas who among his many amazing character traits LOVES to eat my cooking. He is very easy to please and to date we have only rejected 2 recipes in my almost 10 years of cooking for him. We have 2 small children one of which isn't always as easy to please as his Daddy, but he does try almost everything I make and sometimes he loves it and other times.....he is a normal toddler. I have great hopes for my 6 months old daughter.

I try to cook at least 3-4 new recipes a week. I get these from various sources, magazine, other food blogs, television, and some I have collected from who knows where before the Internet was invented. If you are looking for seafood recipes, you must look elsewhere. I don't eat it, so I don't cook it. I cook ALOT of chicken so if you are looking to be inspired, hopefully I can help. I try to cook as healthy as I can without sacrificing flavors, and I use a lot of the same ingredients that I always have in my pantry. I also don't like recipes that only need a tiny bit of a fresh produce item or a weird bottle of something I will never use again so I tend to shy away from those. So that's me in a nutshell. This should be an interesting adventure and I hope you enjoy my cooking as much as my family does.

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