Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No new recipes today...

I am sorry to report I didnt cook anything new last night. I went out to dinner and the rest of the family had my famous chicken cutlets, green beans and steak fries. Nothing fancy about that.

I do have a few things I wanted to discuss......

Thank you so much for the positive feedback on the blog. It is nice to put some time and effort into it for myself and have other people be able to enjoy it as well. I really enjoy reading your comments too. So keep them coming. Also if you ever have any recipes you want me to try I am always up for a challenge.

Speaking of the dinner I had last night.....oh boy! My friend Keri is moving to Virginia soon so we got together for a girls night dinner last night. I ordered sangria which was a bold move from the start. I figured I would get my sugar rush early and out of the way. After I ordered it, I thought to look up the WW points value on my phone (which is pretty awesome btw). I was starving yesterday and after adding the giant pint glass of sangria, I had 2 points left for the day. Oh well, its all for a good cause right?! It was delightful! So if I was going to have a drink at least it was well worth the calories.
I was pretty well behaved (not sure if that is a correct word usage for what I did) so I ordered some sliced steak, whipped potatoes and green beans. Portion size was small, it was tasty and I left more then 3/4 of the potatoes on the plate.....luckily they werent very good. I didnt over due it, I didnt get stuffed---yay me!
AND THEN.......(insert the sinister music here)
I hesitated when she asked if we wanted any coffee or dessert. I dont drink coffee, but I like me some dessert. I know I shouldn't have, and I am only writing about this so down the road I can remind myself of the consequences to the small choices I make. SO I picked the most delicious looking chocolate mountain torte. I mean it has the word "mountain" in it. It was amazing. Chocolate, hazelnut goodness. It was so delicious I slowly ate the entire thing (sans a few shared bites) all by myself. Oops! I tried not to dwell on it, because it was so worth the calories. It was perfection on a dessert plate. Which is nice when you anticipate enjoying something and you actually find it worth it. Fast forward to this morning and the light of day. I had food guilt. Big time. My stomach was killing me, I felt so sick, I spent a lot of time in the bathroom, and as much as I didnt want too, I went to the gym. I was being punished by my stomach for doing something I knew I shouldnt and it was sending me the message LOUD and CLEAR! it, no need to make that mistake again

Which brings me to my next segment of this post. The gym....I started to train to run my 1st 5K. I was into week 3 and I was so into it. I felt great and was so motivated. Set the date for the 5K and everything. THEN....(sinister music again) my shin splints came back full force and I am now not able to run for awhile. Boo hoo, figures the first time I actually want to run, I cant. So I have to switch up my cardio and decided today I would tackle the giant stair master. I tried it for 5 minutes the other day and it was boring.....I mean really boring. They dont have TVs attached and my music didnt match and motivate me to stay on it. So today I brought my Kindle and I figured I could read while mindlessly walking up stairs. It worked like a charm. I walked up stairs for 65 minutes and got through 9 chapters of my book. I think this is the only way to "do" the stairmaster. It is so hard and truly mindless. I was trying to figure out how long it would take me to walk up the Statue of Liberty while on there. I Wikipedia-ed her and couldnt find the steps, but did you know her waist is 35 ft. and her mouth is 3 ft? That would be a BIG piece of cake to fit into a 3 foot mouth. Next time I am going to remember the # of steps and figure out which big buildings I am walking up.....yeah its dorky but come on, the stairmaster is hell....worse mindless hell and I need to get through it in my own special dorky way.

So those are my thoughts for the day. I kind of like mixing my journal in with my recipes. I am sure you are bored to tears with my stories but feel free to skip any posts you dont see food pictures in.....I wont be offended :)
oh and next time I will take a picture of the cake so you know you couldnt resist it either!


  1. 65 minutes on the stairmaster??? Good God!! Even in the best shape of my life that machine kicks my butt all the way back to last Tuesday! I don't know what it is. I can do bikes, treadmills, elipticals, rowing machines, etc. for endless amounts of time. But put me on the stairmaster and I literally want to die after 30 seconds.

  2. Katie, it is THE WORST! I am huffing and puffing and sweating like a pig about 5 minutes in. But I guess that means its working. I also notice my legs looking better and my butt a little perkier so I will suffer gladly. I found reading on my Kindle helps. If I can get into a book it keeps my mind off the torture.