Thursday, April 21, 2011

Do they have 12 step for Carbs?

Hello My Name is Juli and it has been 103 days since my last bagel……

I am a carb addict. I could eat carbs everyday all day long and be a happy girl. Especially bagels, they are one of my true loves in the food world. When I read Eat, Pray, Love I was most interested in the parts where she was eating pizza and pasta, to heck with spiritual enlightenment. Since cutting out a large chunk of carbs from my diet, I feel incredible. I also notice on the days that I really work hard at eating mostly protein, fruits and veggies, the next day I feel just great. Don't get me wrong, I still love carbs but the longer I maintain my new lifestyle, the clearer it becomes that the carbs and the sugar and making me fat and robbing me of the energy that I need to get it all done. Like today……I woke up, put my feet on the ground, and didnt stop, got the kids out the door, did a really strong, fast workout, and my body feels like it is humming along. Who is this girl? Whose body is this?

I realized today at the gym when I was having my great work out, that I really like this. I like feeling strong, and pushing myself and my body to see what it can do. I think I never appreciated it before, but at my advanced age of 37, I am feeling better and looking better then I have in well over a decade. I spent way to long making excuses for why I didn’t have time, why I was OK with how I looked, why if I could just sleep more I would have the energy that I need, why I had to put everyone else ahead of me, and my health.

Let me tell you a little secret I found out…..when you stop all the noise, and you stop all the excuses and you look at yourself in the mirror and tell the truth, you would be shocked at what you can do.

In 100 days I went down 2 clothing sizes, dropped 15 pounds and built some beautiful muscle were there used to be just flabby fat, and I am strong. 100 days…….it is crazy to me to think that I made excuses for so many years, and wasn’t in a place to do the work but holy cow, look what I was able to do in 100 days.

So now as a mom who is juggling lots of hats and tons of things, I urge you to selfishly give yourself 100 days……not years, but 100 days, less then 1/3 of the year. Find out what would make you happy, find a goal to work towards just for you, find something that is just yours. I gave myself this amazing gift and now I am anxious to see what the next 100 days holds.

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