Monday, April 4, 2011


I have been quite the slacker this past week. I didn't even make it to my WW weight in. I was filled with lady bloat and there was no point in going to be told you didn't gain....didn't lose. I also was not at all interested in finishing up my week working out. Allergy season is kicking in, in NJ and I just am in a funk.
I dragged myself to the gym today for the 45 minutes I had before I had to pick the kids up from school . I didn't want to but was hoping to sweat out some of my funk. The stairmaster was full on kicking my butt. I felt like I had 2 lead weight tied to my ankles. But I was doing it, trying not to curse the machine and still getting it done.

On the machine next to me hops a women, who has always looked familiar to me. She works out at the same times as I do, but with a trainer. He works her HARD. I watch their work outs from the comfort of the cardio machines happy I am not in her Nikes right now. I don't mind working hard but yuck, I know I would be moaning through the whole work out with that trainer asking for other exercises. Since I was a personal trainer in a former life, I have things I like....and the stuff I complain about. she got on next to me and started to chat. I can read and listening to music while on the stepper, but to talk was close to impossible. She reminded me how we knew one another and then she reminded me that we met right after I had my daughter and she was pregnant. We had talked about losing the baby weight (2 years ago) and she said, it looks like you got it done. You look great! I told her its just been recently that I began to lose weight and be committed and I told her about WW and working out. It was nice to talk to someone in the same situation who is trying to fit it all in. She told me she has seen me working out and I am an inspiration to her. WHAT....I mean what? ME ?!!? I almost said you must have me confused with someone who looks like me only 25 pounds lighter.

It was such a quick conversation, but left me really thinking about it. I guess I am used to seeing my body everyday and I don't really see it as anything "inspirational". In fact I feel like I could be doing more, faster, harder and getting better results. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on myself. I remember the body I used to have and still would like to have back.....but this one isn't so bad either. Maybe I need to be nicer to it and appreciate the little success I have had in making it stronger, healthier and happier. It kind of makes me think about when I watch the Biggest Loser. About 1/2 way through the show the ladies get to be the size I am now and they are thrilled. Some of them have it as their end point and they look great. I always think "are you nuts?" You aren't skinny, why go through all that and then stop before you are skinny. But I guess when you are as heavy as they are when they started, being 1/2 that size is amazing. And the fact they did it with all hard work is something that is inspirational to me.

SO maybe feeling good is about more then the number on the scale. If I saw those Biggest Loser women and they weren't on the scale I would think, "Hey they look amazing...." and that would be the end of the thought. To even know there is one person in the world who feels that way about me, is really motivating to me. Just when I don't feel like I have the motivation I need to work as hard as I need too, one little conversation gives me a new fire in my belly.

I am cooking dinner tonight, so I promise to stop yapping and will be cooking it soon. I have some good recipes picked out for this week
Have a great week!

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  1. That's wonderful! Not that you need anyone's validation, but it's certainly nice to hear things like that. You're doing an awesome job!